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The potential of the Monothermal is something to which its inventor had devoted a significant amount of thought. "Walter conceptualized this invention for use across multiple industries -- everything from computer cases, television sets, and iPods, to refrigerators, automobile engine compartments, and rooftop applications. Even submersion in thermal wells to provide energy to industry, or installing the Monothermal in place of – or in concert with – solar panels," said Guenther. "There's no end to the potential of finally capturing and utilizing the waste heat generated by so many of our current devices, appliances, and machines. It's nearly all wasted energy. We need to recapture it and put it to use, now more than ever."
The Monothermal can be applied to numerous applications and adapted for a variety of uses. Home & Residential (rooftops, appliances), Office (computers, iPhones), Automotive (engine compartments, dashboards), Recreational (iPods, video games), Industrial (manufacturing, thermal wells), and even Aerospace (aircraft equipment enclosures) are just some of the possibilities in exploiting the potential of the Monothermal.

To see just a fraction of the conceivable applications, click either of the large images below to begin a slideshow presentation.
Monothermal Laminate Slide Graphic
Monothermal House Shed Graphic
Monothermal Energy Shed 02 Graphic
Monothermal Energy Shed 03 Graphic
Monothermal Greenhouse Graphic
Monothermal House Shed Connection Graphic
Monothermal Brick Patio Graphic
Monothermal Sunroom Graphic
Monothermal Sunroom Floor Graphic
Monothermal Sunroom Walls Graphic
Monothermal Living Room Graphic
Monothermal Roof Graphic
Monothermal Roof Solar Panels Graphic
Monothermal Roof Solar Shingles Graphic
Monothermal Airplane Graphic
Monothermal Car 01 Graphic
Monothermal Car 01 Graphic
Monothermal Factory Roof Graphic
Monothermal Thermal Well Graphic
Monothermal iPhone iPad Graphic
Monothermal Mac Pro Graphic
Monothermal Parking Lot Graphic
To download the entire slideshow (including captions) in PDF form, simply click here.
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