FlexTube is the most versatile (and flexible!) switch actuator mechanism available. The FlexTube Switch Actuator is capable of sending signals to a switch mechanism by non-electrical means, which permits the FlexTube to be utilized in a much broader range of applications when compared to existing switch actuator solutions.

The design of the FlexTube results in greatly improved flexibility in terms of both layout options and overall design versatility. Superior to both electrical ribbon switches and flat electrical tape switches (which are typically more expensive and far
FlexTube Detail Graphic
FlexTube Mat Graphic
less adaptable to unusual shapes and layouts) the FlexTube is also more compact and reliable than bulkier air diaphragm type switch systems. Reduced motion loss, increased (and easily adjustable) sensitivity, and lower manufacturing costs are all advantages of the FlexTube design. Click either of the images for more details.

Non-electrical in function, the FlexTube is a safer alternative for numerous applications when compared to actuators that rely on electrical circuits. Additionally, the FlexTube does not require relays of any kind, making it superior to electrical systems that require expensive step-up relay mechanisms.

The FlexTube is the answer for a wide array of applications where previous switch actuator designs are either too expensive, inflexible, bulky, lacking in sensitivity, or possess dangers inherent in electrical activity. Mats, safety alarms, door switches, robotics – even installation in infant cribs are all easily achieved with the FlexTube.

Click on the images of the working prototype for detailed photos of the FlexTube control mechanism.
FlexTube Close 01 Photo
FlexTube Close 02 Photo
FlexTube Overall Photo
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Lovell FlexTube Background Art