Electromagnetic Field Interaction


The Microballast is a conductive-resistive tape that simply and efficiently fires any fluorescent lamp. An alternative embodiment consists of a fine micro-wire that is taped, bonded, or extruded to the bulb on its inner or outer surface.

Imagine a fluorescent ballast as thin as a piece of tape. And as with any traditional electronic ballast, it both ignites and regulates current flow to the fluorescent lamp. Yet its form factor is so small and its constituent components so inexpensive that you wonder why no one had thought of it before.

That’s the Microballast.
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The Microballast tape illuminates by creating a gentle electromagnetic field interaction, exciting electrons along the length of the bulb and regulating current flow – using minimum energy and without the need of any traditional ballast. This method of lamp ignition is exceedingly kind to the bulb components, resulting in significantly increased lamp life. Instead of a self-contained box filled with circuitry and hidden somewhere in the traditional fixture, imagine the "ballast" integrated into the lamp itself so as to be virtually unseen. Picture a T5 or a T8 bulb with a thin strip of tape bonded to its outer surface and a simple power cord feeding it from only one end. Evolve the concept even further and envision a fine micro-wire bonded to the inner surface of the lamp during the manufacturing process – effectively placing the "ballast" inside the bulb – and you begin to realize the potential of the Microballast.
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