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HTCRP-MTCRP House Heating Graphic
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The Lovell patented medium- and high-temperature conductive-resistive paints and coatings are extremely efficient in their ability to transform electrical energy into heat and apply it to a variety of materials. Common components and simple construction are the hallmark of both versions of the paints and coatings, based on compounds as safe and ubiquitous as graphite, alkali-silicates, china clay, and water.

The medium-temperature paints and coatings (MTCRP, MTCRC) operate in the ambient-to-400°F range and are suitable for both pliable and non-pliable materials. Graphic slurry and a polymer latex emulsion (polyvinyl acetate) come together to produce a conductive-resistive coating that doesn't crack or flake after repeated heating and cooling. Also, these MTCR materials don't negatively affect the flexibility of the articles to which they're applied – allowing them to retain their inherent pliability – while simultaneously permitting fabric-based substrates to be heated to high temperatures without the danger of combustion. Fabric-type (pliable) textile products such as garments (for instance, heated vests and clothing), floor coverings, and wall coverings can be easily constructed from materials like mylar films, polyester, and cotton. Rigid (non-pliable) product applications are also simple to design and manufacture, and constituent components can include ceramics, cement, and plasterboard.
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Functioning in the 400°F-to-2000°F range, the high-temperature paints and coatings (HTCRP, HTCRC) can also be used in conjunction with both flexible and non-flexible materials. Glass and ceramics, fiberglass panels, concrete, anodized aluminum, wood, and brick or clay-type material are examples of suitable rigid, non-flexible substrates. These HTCR materials can be used to create products such as cookware, drying ovens, heated walls for cooking ovens and dishwashers, heating and drying elements, baseboard heaters, defrosting surfaces, air ducts, transport trucks, wall panels, and roof flashing. Flexible substrates include fiberglass cloth, silica heating cloth, flexible dielectric tapes, and fireproof papers. These components can be used to produce items such as floor coverings, heated wall covers, heated floor pads, and hot wraps for thawing frozen pipe blockages. The HTCR material can even be used to construct a high-temperature crucible (capable of melting various metals) that can withstand temperatures over 4000°F.
The Lovell patented technology encompassing these medium- and high-temperature paints and coatings comprise the most simple, flexible, and versatile solution available for the creation of literally dozens of different products across numerous market segments. The combination of readily-available components, simple construction, and easy adaptability results in a technology that's unsurpassed by any competing solutions. Click on the first image below to see the coatings and paints as applied to a select sampling of potential end-use applications.
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