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You've reached the website of Lovell Patented Technology, the premier destination for the most innovative and creative technology solutions in the areas of heating, lighting, switching, and energy creation. The Lovell patent portfolio is comprised of inventions that are best characterized by the underlying philosophy of their creator, Walter Lovell: Simple. Efficient. Inexpensive.

Each technology category encompassed by the Lovell patents – ambient heat energy, fluorescent ballast replacement, heat-generating articles, and versatile switch mechanisms – is superior to the available industry counterparts and provides an easily manufacturable and marketable solution for the appropriate specialty or market segment.


Create energy simply and easily from nothing but ambient HEAT!
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Replace traditional ballasts with superior Lovell technology.
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Electrically-resistant, durable paints & coatings from 0 to 2000 degrees.


The most versatile and flexible switch actuator mechanism available.
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All of the technology displayed on this website is available for license.

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